Konstantin Ziegler

Konstantin Ziegler

bits of cryptography and machine learning


Representation Learning and Transfer Learning

Panel discussion: Data centricity of digital world – opportunities and challenges

Injecting Semantic Background Knowledge into Neural Networks using Graph Embeddings

Deep Learning: Trends und Möglichkeiten zur Wertschöpfung mit Daten

Multi-Party Computation with Rational Players

Counting Classes of Special Polynomials

Counting Decompositions of Additive Polynomials via Invariant Subspaces

Tame decompositions and collisions

Fast and uniform generation of safe RSA moduli

The art of decomposing polynomials of degree p2

Compositions and collisions at degree p2

Composition collisions and projective polynomials

Collisions: the wild case

Counting reducible multivariate polynomials

The function field sieve from an algebraic-geometric point of view